From our roots as the Independence Ethereum Mine, Independence Decentralized Finance offers PC mining setup, repair, cryptocurrency consulting, and account management for new and experienced investors.

The future of global currency is changing. Decentralized networks are removing the need for a 3rd party in an increasing number of industries. The first industry to be reshaped was finance followed by smart digital contracts and we have only scratched the surface of what is being developed.

In addition to extensive research and AI from Token Metrics, IDeFi uses mining data across multiple networks to monitor network usage and transaction fees. This contributes to our market knowledge, and gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to current trends.

Scott Rambo: Owner/Head Consultant

Background in education, science and technology, and a reputation of honesty and integrity from national organizations like the Y and 4-H as well as many other companies.

Let's help you navigate the new and exciting realm of the quickly growing decentralized financial markets.

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