Blockchain technology consulting

Learn the basics of Blockchain, and becoming your own bank. Ask any questions you have about Bitcoin, Altcoins, and more.

Cryptocurrency investment, Management, and Stablecoin savings

Explore the growing decentralized financial markets to see which DeFi opportunities could help you or your business. Stablecoin savings returns can bring your goals closer.

Account management options offer low or no-cost solutions to investors and companies.

Project Consulting

From fundraising to retirement, IDeFi offers project consultation to inspire, maintain, and fulfill your long term goals. Retainer contracts are available for keeping up to date on your project, or work with access and we'll be available for your needs.

Mining and Staking Node Setup, Service, and Maintenance.

For the tech savvy client, we offer consultation on mining and staking nodes. Be an essential piece in processing decentralized transactions from all over the globe.